I know we have all been there, you have a folder full of files and you need to add something after the name of each of them. This is a task that most people choose to do the hard way, by renaming each file individually. However if you want a program to rename all of the files for you, then you might have invested in some software that can do that kind of stuff. What I bet you didn’t know though, is that you can do this for free on any installation of OS X. The application you will be using is called Automator. Now, as well as being very useful in many ways that people have no clue of, Automator also possesses the capability to rename things in a batch fashion. In the video below, I show you how to build a simple 2 step workflow that will have you batch renaming files in less than five minutes. So without further ado, enjoy.
[NOTE: In order to get this in Full 1080p HD so you can see the screen you are going to have to click this link then click to watch in HD. Click Here or click watch in HD in the player here and make it full screen.]
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