Twitter is the hot thing right now, so it only makes sense that other companies are going to imitate it to some extent. This really isn’t such a bad thing because it’s nice to have some competition out there. One of the things that we’ve been seeing a lot of lately are companies building specialized versions of the Twitter concept. For example, a service called Sprouter has made their own Twitter for entrepreneurs.

The convergence makes sense because entrepreneurs are always looking to network with other entrepreneurs, and Sprouter enables them to do that. When you take a look at what Sprouter is doing, you realize how much it was influenced by Twitter. While Twitter asks you what’s happening, Sprouter asks you about what you’re working on, and you can also follow other people and track topic discussions. I do like the way that events are featured and included in the service, but with so many entrepreneurs already using Twitter, I’m not quite sure about what the value of them starting from scratch with Sprouter is.