The Ustream viewer on the iPhone is too limited. Not talking about the broadcaster mind you, for the 3G S that allows for you to broadcast to the world. No, I am talkingĀ  about being spoon fed limited content only over Wi-Fi with the iPhone. It’s a joke.

Thankfully we are seeing what people have wanted all along with the Ustream Android app. Ustream viewers can finally choose which streams they wish to view, rather than being given a limited number of “featured/popular” streams instead.

Now all we need is to see Android finally get a Kindle App and I’d be able to switch my family to Verizon finally! No really, why is this even an issue? How long is it going to be before we see something as fantastic as Amazon Kindle on the Android platform? Sure feels like it is taking entirely too long for my taste.

What about Book Search for Google? Please, let’s compare some of the best sellers from the NY Times best seller list.

  • Rain Water – Kindle yes, Google no.
  • True Blue – Kindle yes, Google no.

It just keeps going as Google’s Book Search has nothing modern from what I can see going for it. And that is cool for its own niche, but it makes articles like this seem rather foolish.

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