Over in Cologne, Germany there is a company called ‘Smartbook AG’ that provides computers to businesses and ‘lifestyle’ markets. It seems that the company claims to have a trademark on the word ‘Smartbook’ and claims that some companies are using this term in violation of their trademark. Some companies use the term ‘Smartbook’ in describing a device which is basically a netbook of sorts.

In a recent article it also states that:

Let me kick off by saying that Smartbook AG does indeed own a trademark on the word smartbook in most of Western Europe, Australia, Singapore, South Korea and a couple of other countries. The company sells laptops that are named Smartbook, so I guess the company is well within its rights to try and protect their trademark in any way it deems appropriate.

To me this seems like kind of straight forward. If one does choose to use the term ‘Smartbook’ to describe a device, the trademark company should receive credit.

Case closed.

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Smartbook AG web site