I am not, nor will I ever be, among those who get up at the crack of dawn to go “shopping.” Nothing against those who do; it’s just not my bag personally. This being said, I will point out that there are deals to be had should you know where to look.

Take this HP netbook, which is priced normally at $550. On Black Friday (U.S. only), early birds will be able to feast their little beaks at Best Buy with this netbook priced at $197 while supplies last. As you can see from above, that is quite the price difference. Considering that — plus the specs, which aren’t too bad at all for a netbook — this might actually be a deal worth getting excited about.

So would you do it? Are you the type to participate in Black Friday deals? I am willing to bet that while many of you might not normally be, you live with folks that are. And I am also willing to bet if the deals were significant enough, you might very well get up early just to stand in line. But hey, feel free to hit the comments and set me straight.

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