There should be an image here!Today after eating, I came home to see what the latest was within the tech world and discovered this. Opera 10.10! Yes, the very latest is out and I have to admit, Opera is so fast that I may once again give it a spin as my default browser.

After testing it out on sites that have been a problem in the past, despite a security warning from one site, I was shocked to see that, finally, Opera was able to render some of those more tricky sites without any issues at all. And keep in mind, I blame the sites, not the browser here.

At this point, I am still getting used to many of the features. But I will be the first to admit that in many respects, I am liking this more than Firefox and Chrome. Actually, I was never that impressed with Chrome in the first place. More of a layout sort of thing, but it was just not a match.

Thus far I fear that the biggest thing I am seeing against Opera is the offering of too many features. Seriously, I can see casual users getting lost fast with it. But short of this, 10.10 is totally worth checking out.

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