For most Twitter users, seeing the latest tweets from specific users or about specific topics involves using the Twitter Web site or using the Twitter software of their choice. This ability to keep up with the tweets you care about while you’re using your account is nice, but since Twitter is all about the tweets, wouldn’t it be nice to give them the front and center attention that they deserve? With Tweetwally, you can do just that.

This service enables you to create a tweetwall, which is basically a standalone page that updates with the latest tweets about what you care about. This may sound familiar, but Tweetwally has a lot to offer. Whether you’re wanting to track a hashtag, user, or certain keywords, you can input this information to create a tweetwall. Once the initial tweetwall has been created, you can then be more specific about what you want to track and also change the appearance and information on the page. Saving the tweetwall lets you generate a special URL where it can be viewed and gives you the ability to embed it. What tweets do you want to keep track of?