It’s almost as though the consolation prize for the loss of being able to turn the netbook into a Hackintosh is running what will be Chrome OS.

Frankly, I don’t see what the big point of Chrome OS is, other than the fact that it is effectively moving WebTV that Microsoft and RCA offered 11 years ago to a wider audience. You don’t have to subscribe, and you don’t have to carry around a television, but you get the benefits…and the drawbacks.

Nonetheless, Dell offering Chrome OS is a bit like Asus offering Express Gate with some of its motherboards. It accomplishes almost the same thing. The real benefit will be the applications that are developed, not the OS. The OS is like a shoehorn that allows you to get a great pair of shoes on your feet.

from Download Squad

In a display of surprising tenacity, Dell have gone ahead and distributed a customized version of Chrome OS for the Dell Mini 10V! Lilputing are reporting that all the necessary hardware support has been added, so in theory you could just whack the Chrome OS image onto a memory stick and boot it up right now!

Mind you, the image is 8GB so this is probably only of interest to enthusiasts — but hey, it’s nice to see a company like Dell catering towards that demographic for once, eh?

You’ll need to follow the instructions on the Lilputing article to get the image mounted and ready to go, but it seems simple enough! You could be playing with Chrome OS this afternoon, while nibbling away on cold-turkey sandwiches…

Again, it is one of those novelty things, that will eventually run its course. What will sustain it is not these early builds, but the applications that will begin coming. I can envision a smart motherboard manufacturer like Asus, bundling an SSD and Chrome OS with a top end motherboard, so that the user is able to snap into the “cloud” immediately, or wait, and do local computing by waiting a few more seconds and booting Windows.




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