Before the release of Windows 7, we were informed that Fox and Microsoft had decided to do an episode of Family Guy, showing the ease of use and power of Windows 7.

In typical Family Guy fashion, the writers made a bit more fun of Microsoft than the company could tolerate (of course the official line was different, the company was telling of other problems with the material that was put up for review)– too bad. We’ll probably never see the full episode, but for now Neowin has the clips up for their entertainment value.

Many thought that would be the end of the collaboration between the two companies, but, in a surprising move Microsoft has posted up clips from the sponsored show on to its official YouTube channel. The clips (seen here) attempt to show off how easy and powerful the operating system is with a Family Guy twist.

The move is somewhat surprising as Microsoft distanced itself from the show after viewing an early version of what might be aired. But, Microsoft has had a small change of heart and did finally post the clips onto their official YouTube channel.

Enjoy. Perhaps if Microsoft had been certain of the success of Windows 7, they might have had a better sense of humor and we could have seen the entire episode.


alfred_e_neuman - what, me worry?

perhaps Microsoft could have used Alfred E. Newman, but I probably would have gone with the Jetsons…

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