My husband and I enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving holiday with two of our daughters and 4 grand kids. My husband treated the family to a trip down to Branson, MO., on Saturday to see Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede Christmas Show. Only one word can really describe her show and that is WOW!

We arrived early before the show and I am glad we did. Once we parked our vehicle we proceeded to the main entrance. There are open horse stalls with about 20 or so horses that are part of the show. The children thought this was great and were already enjoying themselves before we even got into the building.

Upon entering the building and presenting our tickets, we had our pictures taken for souvenir photo;s of our visit. We than entered into an area of open seating for what is called a pre-show which comprised of a solo comedian, banjo player, acrobat all rolled into one. This man was very personalable and entertaining. We were than led into a large arena of open seating around the show area which held about 500 people.

Included in the show is a meal which is presented while the show is in progress. The meal was very good and consisted of a cheese roll, cream of veggie soup, a whole game hen, potato, corn on the cob followed up by an apple turnover.

The show was a constant exhibition of expert horsemanship, riding and tricks that was entertaining beyond imagination. The Christmas theme thrilled the children with characters such as raggedy Ann & Andy, elfs, and angels all choreographed in a great presentation that was tastefully done. The looks on our grand kids faces said it all. They were entertained and mesmerized during the entire performance.

If you have the opportunity to visit Branson, MO., I would highly recommend seeing Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede. You will be in for a treat and a memorable experienec for you and your family.