The Google Phone rumor makes it return, but now has an added twist. The latest twist is that the Google Phone will use some type of a mysterious operating system, that is not Android. Huh? So we have Android, plus Google Chromium and now another OS on steroids. What ever the situation, it makes one wonder why Google just doesn’t tell us what they have in store for us. Will this Google Phone be the free cell phone we have been wondering about for some two years? Or is this just another crock of BS?

Here is what the rumor people are saying:

And by “Google Phone” we don’t simply mean another Android handset. We’re talking about Google-branded hardware running a version of Android we haven’t yet seen.

Over the next few weeks, Google Phones (most probably in early, prototype form) will flood the Mountain View campus. They’ll don large LCDs while running a new version of Android—either Flan or the version of Android beyond it—which our source spotted running on Google’s handset as well as a laptop. (Whatever the software was, it most certainly wasn’t Chrome OS, we were assured.)

But maybe the most intriguing bit is what someone said to our source offhandedly, that the current Android, the we all know and love, is not the “real” Android. So what makes for a “real” version of Android?

This is getting as bad as the Microsoft buying Yahoo that seemed to go on forever and when it finally happened no one cared. I hope that Google doesn’t face the same fate with their phone. If there is a phone. LOL

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