Those who are regulars to this column know that I live in the desert Southwest, and bearing in mind that it tends to be hot and dusty, I look for things that keep the computers I have, and build for others, cool and clean.

There are so many quality fans these days. Arctic Cooling, Noctua, and Sharkoon are new to the field, but offer some very high quality and low noise offerings, with long lives, backed by the appropriate long warranty periods.

Cooler Master means to join that group of suppliers of high quality fans, including some of the features that make for their inclusion on anyone’s shortlist.  The Excalibur fans use a 120 mm vented frame, with a removable impeller, making for easy cleaning when the dust builds.

TechConnect shows the beneficial designs, and states they will be available soon .

Cooler Master has now provides a good look at Excalibur, a 120mm case fan featuring Barometric Ball Bearing technology which is claimed to ensure low operation noise and a life of up to 100,000 hours.

The new fan also boasts nine sword-shaped blades that can be easily removed for cleaning, a honeycomb ventilation meshed frame, works at speeds between 600 and 2000 RPM (rotations per minute), and have a sound output hovering between 13 and 30 dBA.

The Excalibur is said to become available next month at about 18 Euro.

The removable impeller makes cleaning very easy, and the floating bearing design leads to long life.

The design follows a similar one from Enermax, but those fans were always in short supply and difficult to find in the larger sizes. It was easy to find the 80mm versions, but 92mm and 120mm versions were like hen’s teeth.

Wouldn’t it be nice if one manufacturer folded all the great features into one design? Until then, Cooler Master seems to have many good features rolled into this design.




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