The viewing is on Saturday Dec. 5th, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM at the Free Geek warehouse in Vancouver, B.C., Canada with the sale being on Sunday Dec. 6th, from 12:30 PM until it’s all sold. The email that I got two hours ago tells it all better than I could, so here it is in blockquotes. (If you need a local agent, leave a comment – we might be able to work something out…)

Event listing:

First-ever Free Geek Vintage Computer Auction!

After 3 years of saving antiques from the smelter, Free Geek is auctioning off the majority of its museum collection. We don’t have the space to keep it, but maybe you do! All proceeds go directly to Free Geek’s operating costs and continued survival.

##### WHEN #####

Viewing and bidder registration: Saturday Dec. 5th, 9:00 – 5:00
Auction: Sunday Dec. 6th, 12:30 – END

##### WHERE #####

The Hackery warehouse, 1914 Franklin Street (one block north of Hastings, just east of Victoria Drive). The auction is wheelchair accessible.

We have almost 120 machines for sale, including:

* Boxed IBM 5150 Personal Computer – The original PC from 1982, from which all modern PCs are still derived.
* NeXT cube and NeXT Stations – The computers on which the World Wide Web was created.
* Boxed Amiga 1000 – The first of a revolutionary line of computers.
Comes in box with accessories and hardware upgrades.
* Atari 1040STE – One of Atari’s best and well know in the world of music.
* Apple Macintosh 128k – The original Mac from 1984.
* In addition to systems, there are other goodies like Model M keyboards for sale.


* No refunds, no exchanges, ALL SALES FINAL
* All payments in CASH ONLY, full payment due on auction day (Sun.
Dec. 6)
* You must take your purchases with you SAME DAY (Sun. Dec. 6)
* In accordance with Free Geek’s software policies, no proprietary operating systems or software will be available.
* Due to data security procedures, all drives have been removed for data sanitation. Because of the added complexity of the wiping process for antique drives, none will be for sale during this auction.
Successfully wiped and tested drives will be available at a future sale (date TBA).
* We do not guarantee the accuracy of the descriptions of equipment made during auction or viewing. You are responsible for doing your own research.
* VIEWING IS ON SATURDAY ONLY. Registration can be done on either Sat or Sun.

Photos of some of the collection: