In a surprise move, Arianna Huffington implied during her 25 minutes before the FTC that Murdoch wasn’t exactly telling the truth. She contends that Murdoch and his group could stop Google immediately from taking stuff. She also said that calling others name like ‘parasites’ or ‘tech tapeworms and an added ‘thief’ or two, wasn’t going to help.

She also stated:

“In most industries, if your customers were leaving in droves, you would try to figure out what to do to get them back.”

Huffington further stated:

Huffington went on to imply that Murdoch wasn’t being exactly forthright in his complaints. Not only do many News Corp. properties aggregate content themselves — but Murdoch could easily stop Google and sites like the Huff Post from pulling his content now if he wanted to. “We link to the Wall Street Journal daily. We have never had a single complaint,” she said. “We drive a lot of traffic to them and they like it.”

But it was this statement that really drew my attention and correctly illustrates the problem:

Did you know that newspaper circulation is down 7 million over the last 25 years while unique readership of online news is up 34 million in the last 5 years?

Did you know newspaper advertising fell nearly 19 percent this year while web advertising is up 9 percent and mobile advertising is up 18 percent?

Did you know that more video was uploaded to YouTube in the last 2 months than if ABC, CBS, and NBC had been airing all-new content every minute of every day since 1948?

And did you know that we have access to more than 1 trillion web pages, 100,000 iPhone apps, and send more text messages a day than there are people on the planet? And Rupert Murdoch still thinks aggregators are the problem?

We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto. And some things are better while some things, for the moment, are worse in terms of upheaval and especially the painful loss of jobs. But this is unarguably a Brave New Media World. And there is no use living in digital denial.

When I have spoken out about Mr. Murdoch and his circus act, some have criticized my stance. But I am sure that the members of the FTC can see through Mr. Murdoch’s smoke screen and will make an intelligent decision on this issue.

This Is 2009 and not 1949! Move on, Murdoch!

PS Microsoft isn’t going to bail your ass out either. So you can forget that as well.


Huffington source