Acer is preparing to launch new Netbooks in 2010 which may use Google’s new OS Chromium. The announcement should not come as as any surprise, since Acer has been critical of Microsoft starting with Windows Vista. I originally wrote about Acer and its displeasure of Windows Vista back on July 26, 2007 [original post located here]. In that article Acer claimed that Vista was the worst operating system ever.

So Acer still may not be pleased with Microsoft and its new Windows 7 and is reflecting its opinion on choosing a Google OS. But will anyone buy it?

One recent article states the following:

Acer plans to launch a Google Chrome operating system-based netbook, which the company has been developing since mid-2009 in the second half of 2010, according to industry sources.

Acer chairman JT Wang also expressed his confidence that the company will be the first vendor to launch Chrome-based netbook in the market during a recent interview with Digitimes.

Acer was the first first-tier vendor to launch a Google Android-based netbook in the market. Although demand for the model was not as strong as expected, it did not dampen Acer’s willingness to develop netbooks with non-Microsoft operating systems.

I believe that last sentence says it all. Netbook sales using a non-Windows OS such as Linux has not been appealing. But this time the OS will have the Google name behind it, that almost everyone will recognize.

Would you buy a Netbook with Google Chromium OS instead of Windows?

Comments welcome.