Over at GM-Volt.com they have just posted a recent extended test drive of the soon to be introduced Chevrolet Volt automobile. The folks at GM have hand built 80 test models and each is painted in their signature color. The writer expresses his opinion of what we may see in the final production models coming in 2010.

The writer also provides us with a glimmer of what we may expect when the Chevy Volt becomes a reality:

The dashboard displays were beautiful.  The screens were bright, vivid, crisp and conservatively artistic and looked to be in high definition.  There were several display menu configurations on the driver dash that could be scrolled through and chosen with a dash button to the left.  The center display was touch sensitive.  The iPod-like white center stack had interestingly unique capacitive finger-sensing buttons that gave audio feedback in the form of a slight subtle chirp when the touching finger was detected.

To start, the keyfob simply has to sit anywhere in the car and then the start button is pushed while the brake pedal is depressed. The screen then comes to life letting you know the car is on.

The car accelerated precisely and assertively and felt very spirited.  There were two modes of operation.  Normal mode offers 90 kw peak power and felt to be in the 9 second 0 to 60 range.  Sport mode delivered noticeably more intense acceleration below a 9 second 0 to 60.  I was not permitted to time 0 to 30 or 0 to 60.  It was not an outright sports car feel, but definitely sporty.  Clearly it would outrun a Prius, Insight, or Fusion hybrid — all of which I’ve driven.  Its top speed of 100 MPH would also easily top the Nissan LEAF’s 85 MPH.

The car felt very solid and well balanced.  The uniquely low center of gravity due to the four hundred pound battery in the center gave a notably beneficial hugging of the ground.  Yet the car felt light and spry, the power steering was perfectly tuned and the car handled wonderfully.

These are just some of the highlights of the article. The entire article can be read at the link below. One can only hope that the Chevy Volt will in fact change the way we look at our motor vehicles. Hopefully GM is on the right track to provide the American public with a reliable motor vehicle that may just wean us from our appetite for oil.

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GM-Chevy Volt article is here.