blackberryRecently I was told that PCMag had picked WeatherBug for the BlackBerry to be among the PCMag Top 20 Free BlackBerry Applications. And based on the features offered by WeatherBug for the BlackBerry, this makes a lot of sense.

Some of the features offed by this free WeatherBug BlackBerry app include:

  • Live neighborhood weather from over 8,000 weather stations in the U.S.
  • Current weather, forecast and NWS alerts for your GPS location.
  • Current conditions icon and outdoors temp on your BlackBerry desktop.
  • “Always on” NWS weather alerts such as Tornado warnings even when the WeatherBug app is turned off.
  • 7-day forecast and hourly forecast.
  • Detailed radar and maps.
  • Check the weather on BlackBerry Maps by simply touching any area on the map for two (2) seconds.
  • Daily National Weather Outlook broadcast provided by WeatherBug meteorologists.
  • View snapshots and time-lapse animation from more than 2,000 weather cameras in the U.S.
  • Set-up new locations by pulling the location information from your contact list.
  • Share the current weather information, forecast, alerts and photographs with friends and family.

Clearly, not bad at all consider this is FREE! Best of all, WeatherBug is committed to providing their users as much choice as possible. So for those users who are willing to spend a couple of bucks to have an ad-free experience, WeatherBug has their Elite app.

WeatherBug Elite for the BlackBerry provides these additional features:

  • No ads
  • Real-time weather alerts with BlackBerry Push*
  • Delivers lightning alerts using the WeatherBug Total Lightning Network (WTLN)*
  • Current temperature next to the time on the home screen (changes in the event of a weather alert)
  • Enhanced contour weather maps with 10 overlays: Temperature, Radar, Humidity, Pressure, Wind Speed, Forecast Hi, Forecast Lo, Satellite, NWS Alerts* and Lightning Strikes*
  • Deep integration with BlackBerry OS, such as forecast for events in BlackBerry Calendar, current weather for BlackBerry Contacts and weather within BlackBerry Maps
  • Weather alerts delivered to BlackBerry Inbox*
  • Enhanced customization: English/Metric units, show/hide alerts in Inbox and Calendar, turn on/off “my location,” set update interval, show/hide forecast hi or lo on home screen and turn on/off real-time alerts*
  • Precise weather conditions for GPS, saved locations and an unlimited number of static locations
  • Detailed alert maps with vector polygons and full NWS alert messages*
  • Three forecast levels: 7-day forecast summary, 7-day detailed forecast, 7-day hourly forecast
  • Forecast graphs: 7-day hi/lo, hourly feels like, hourly humidity, hourly wind speed, hourly dew point

So there you have it. PCMag’s free pick listed with all of the great features, in addition to WeatherBug’s own Elite app with even more great functionality. If you have not tried either, I would suggest you do. I believe either of them to be the best mobile weather apps in their class.