Over at Nissan there’s a web site for its new vehicle called the ‘Leaf’ with an entry date sometime in 2012. Nissan states that its new Leaf will be 100% electric with zero emissions. The car, according to Nissan, will have a 100 mile range and can reach an 80% charge rate in about 30 minutes. But as stated on the web site, most users will charge the vehicle overnight while they sleep.

So what does the Leaf look like? Here is a photo from the Nissan site:

As you can see from the photo, the car resembles a Toyota Prius.

If you purchase a Leaf you will also need to buy a home charging station, and a 220 volt connection. The vehicle is going to a select group of folks for testing purposes in 2010. Nissan indicates that it is working to have charging stations in place by the time the car goes into production. However, on its site it only states that there will be ‘lots’ of stations available. 🙂

Nissan also states that the Leaf will have the performance of a V-6 gasoline engine with a top speed of 90 m.p.h. Battery life is expected to be about five years. After the sixth year the battery is expected to retain about 80% of its charge.

So what do you about the Nissan leaf? Is it something you’d be interested in buying?

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Source – Nissan Leaf site