There should be an image here!Honestly felt like I was reading a poorly thought out press release as I combed through this piece. Three points presented in the article need to be countered. If not by me, then by someone as they are just completely off.

First of all, Bing has yet to give me what I was looking for. No really, even looking for people or things leaves me feeling like a trip into a Metasearch nightmare. Most people using Google or Bing don’t want answers, they want what they were looking for.

Secondly, taking your search from Bing to BLING, does little for most people. Taking queried results that are at best, “as good” as Google’s…then dressed up, is weak. I will give Bing points on some of its presentation here, but overall I am still finding the results lacking.

Lastly, I want to choose what I feel to be the best answer. Spare me the canned stuff. No really, oversimplifying canned solutions is not really helping anyone.