There should be an image here!I am neither for or against the FSF. They are, so am I, we are all here. Whatever. But I found aspects of this latest appeal a bit interesting. The single biggest issue the foundation to date fails to realize is that 99.9% of the world DOESN’T CARE about the politics of software. It works/doesn’t work, its cheap/expensive and available/not available.

I am not saying in anyway that the FSF is wrong. They make a strong case, which I wish them luck with. But the fact of the matter is most people just don’t care. Look, it’s difficult enough trying to get people to try new things. Asking them to wave the flag of freedom with regard to software is simply a nice thought, but sadly far from a large scale reality.

Call it image, maybe a lack of understanding or even indifference. Whatever it is, I can promise you that mainstream society is using what works for them. Not the platform that embraces specific ideals. Not picking a fight, rather pointing out that I think the FSF is actually holding back modern Linux distros rather than helping them forward.  Just my opinion.