I think by now, most of us have an idea as to which domain extension we equate with the spam, malware, etc. and which we do not. Often these domain extensions come from regions with high unemployment and limited legitimate work options. But how much truth is there to this opinion and how much of this is just pure ignorance?

In this list provided by CNET, we discover that the domain extension with the highest risk factor for being linked to something that concern us from a security standpoint, is the domain extension for Cameroon. Now what might surprise many of you is that Russia, often associated with this sort of thing, proved to be at the bottom of the list.

In the positive light, Japan blows everyone out of the water with domain extension goodness just below the coveted .gov extension. Yes, .jp beat out .edu! I certainly never saw that one coming as the education domain extension is long thought to be among the safest out there.

Everything here considered, it is critical to remember that information like this is helpful to know. But ANY domain can be exploited and put an unsuspecting user at risk for a dangerous exploit. Rule of thumb is to trust only domains you know and enter into the address bar yourself. Put very little faith into URLs hyper-linked by others.

[awsbullet:choosing domain names]