Last year just before Acer purchased Gateway, the company stated that their goal for 2009 was to unseat Dell from the #2 spot. Acer has accomplished their goal with a surge in computer sales of 23% + from the third quarter sales figure they posted for 2008. Overall it seems that most companies, HP, Acer, Lenovo and Toshiba showed increases in sales while Dell sales figure shrink by 6%.

According to one news agency they stated that:

Acer’s success is mostly attributed to consumer preference for low-cost mobile PCs, like netbooks, in recent months. Acer, obviously, has a slew of netbook offerings which have appealed to consumers. Loren Loverde, program director for IDC’s PC Tracker, said. “It’s a pretty amazing transition in market leadership by Acer. It’s reflective of the changes in form factors and channels and pricing–the way we’ve shifted to lower cost portables, particularly in consumer and retail, which is where Dell was not as strong.”

The third quarter sales results aren’t just good for Acer. For the first time in a year, PC shipments grew, meaning every manufacturer probably saw increased sales. The increase wasn’t fantastic, only 2 percent growth over a year ago, but these companies struggling to make do with ever thinner profit margins will be excited to see any amount of growth. Hopefully the boost can sustain them because IDC is expecting a 3 percent drop for this quarter.


There is one segment of the market that we rarely hear about and that is the ‘others’. These are the folks who build custom boxes and specialty computers, usually for companies. These system builders make up over 40% of the computer market.

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