I have to admit, the only issue I have ever had with YouTube in Firefox is watching HD videos. Seems like the buffering is nonexistent. Worse is the fact that I pay plenty for a blazing fast FiOS connection that is easily working circles around what most people are stuck with.

But regardless, this article fascinated me greatly. According to its author, users of modern releases of Firefox are suffering from the browser’s recovery feature. It seems that, once again, we are told to head back into about:config to work a little magic in order to make YouTube and like services usable once again.

No, forget that. I have a better idea: How about Mozilla developers stop providing features that continuously break the user experience? This is not to say that other browsers are without their issues, but from the old backward link caching issue seen with 2.x onto the current frustrations with 3.x’s YouTube video lag, I, for one, have had enough.

So it is with this in mind that I will be taking what I like to call the Opera challenge. That means, starting Monday, I will be using my Opera browser exclusively to see if my browsing experience improves or otherwise remains about the same. It’s difficult to say how this will work out, but I will be reporting back in throughout the week with updates. Stay tuned…

[awsbullet:Opera 8 Browser for Windows]