There should be an image here!Seems like the debate on whether or not Ubuntu should be released on the six month schedule continues to rage on no matter how many points on the matter are brought up going either way. In the end, there is no win here.

Ubuntu’s perspective is that for those who want things to mature a bit longer before being put into play, there are the LTS releases in which there is a two year gap between updates. Unfortunately it seems like most people are treating the six month releases as their own version of a LTS and hence, why people find so many bugs.

On the other side of the issue, there is clearly something working with what Ubuntu is doing. Despite bugs and other headaches that come up with the frequent releases, the numbers I have seen around the web indicate that it is easily the most popular distro out there. And having tried a number of good distros over the years myself, I am inclined to agree. For most people, Ubuntu is a good starting place in their Linux adventures. Whether or not that holds true forever, remains to be seen.