The popular anti-virus program Avast, is now coming with a recommendation to install Google’s Chrome browser. Avast indicates that Chrome is fast and free, plus you will have faster access to web sites. In addition your searches will be easier to do and that the Chrome browser is more secure and stable, though the blurb doesn’t indicate which browser is unstable and not secure. LOL

The Chrome option in the Avast installer does two things differently from the more familiar opt-out user experience that many programs provide in an installer in exchange for financial sponsorship. For one thing, the Chrome window only turns up if you don’t already have it installed, but more importantly, it forces users to actively choose installation. Neither the “yes, install” nor the “no, don’t install” radio buttons are checked by default. Of course, users are forced to check off “no” if they don’t want it, but this should dramatically cut down on the incidence of accidental installations that tend to plague otherwise-similar piggybacking installs.

This is a nice feature to not have the default set for you and will prevent accidental installs.

So what do you think? Is this a win-win situation for both companies?

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