Cnn has been reporting that a consumer group by the name of GoodGuide is claiming that the Zhu Zhu Pets may be unsafe. The consumer group is claiming that the toy Mister Squiggles contains a high quantity of the chemical antimony. The toy company denies the allegations stating that their toy is safe.

Here is a picture of what Mister Squibbles looks like:

GoodGuide states the following:

“We found levels of about 93 to 106 parts per million,” O’Rourke said. “The new federal standard is about 60 parts per million.”

The toy company says:

“All our products are subjected to several levels of rigorous safety testing conducted by our own internal teams, as well as the world’s leading independent quality assurance testing organization, and also by independent labs engaged by our retail partners,” Russ Hornsby, CEO of Cepia, said in a written statement. “The results of every test prove that our products are in compliance with all government and industry safety standards.”

Until a governmental agency reports on this issue, it is difficult to decide who is reporting the truth. Hopefully we will learn more soon.

Cnn source