In the early days of the Internet, I remember when people would send around URLs to specific items on a Web site that took up many lines of text and looked more like a paragraph than a simple URL. As time has passed, companies have realized the importance of shortening their URLs if at all possible, but they can still be a little unwieldy. Even though that may be so, there’s no excuse to pass around lengthy Web addresses because an abundance of URL shortening services exist. Believe it or not, some content providers purposely use these services because they provide helpful analytics, and Cligs is no different.

In addition to telling you about the number of hits and the referral statistics, Cligs also doesn’t get in the way of SEO. Not only do you see the number of people visiting your site through Cligs, but you see how they’re doing it through references of mentions of the clig on Twitter, blogs, and so on. I’m still unsure of the idea of using shortened URLs for everything, however, they definitely come in handy when being brief is important, and Cligs makes the transition very appealing.