Cnet has got their hands on a demo copy of the JooJoo tablet computer, which was formally known as the CrunchPad. The original was going to be a tablet system that could be used by we consumers from the comfort of our couch. The main purpose was to surf the net which was great when it was priced at $200 to $300.

But now the new design is going to command a price of $500 and no longer makes any sense. Why? Here is what Cnet had to say:

Is the JooJoo a great device? Yes, it is. But at the $499 price point, we don’t think it will be a success. It does less than a Netbook–it won’t run productivity apps that aren’t browser-based–and it’s helpless when away from a Wi-Fi connection. It’s a great computer for browsing the Web from the couch, but at its current price it’s a luxury item, an indulgence. It’s hard to justify its purchase in the way buyers can rationalize an iPhone or a Kindle. It’s not a product we’d recommend to anyone who needs their computers for productivity. It’s not a device for students, or workers, nor is it a good family room computer (the keyboard isn’t good enough). You can get a capable laptop for $500 that does much more than the JooJoo.

This is the bottom line. The JooJoo cost to much and will not attract very many buyers. That’s sad because the original idea was intriguing.

Here is what the JooJoo looks like compared to an iPhone.

So what do you think? Would you spend $500 for this device when you could buy a netbook or laptop for the same price.

Comments welcome.