Obama pushes plans for more job creation

Another plan that will require Viagra…

Job-creating bill could cost up to $200 billion

With absolutely no care about how it is to be repaid!

Senate rejects abortion measure in health bill

They can’t even get something right in the midst of doing something wrong.

Bin Laden death tied to al Qaeda defeat: McChrystal

Give us another pearl of wisdom, Death Bringer.

U.S. Doesn’t Know Where bin Laden Is; Time to Let Go

Note the contradiction.

Antidepressant Found to Alter Personality

Probably not a good thing.

TSA to Conduct Full Review After Leak of Sensitive Information

Stop being baboons.

Can the U.N. Summit Do Anything About Climate Change?

They can only create more hot air.

Google Expands Tracking to Logged Out Users

Soon: Google Universe

Yahoo, Verizon: Our Spy Capabilities Would ‘Shock’, ‘Confuse’ Consumers

So we’ll keep them secret.

EFF sues feds for info on social-network surveillance

Sprint manager: ‘Half’ of all police surveillance includes text messaging

Nuff said.

Stealth Treaty Seeks Strict Controls Over Internet

Of course you’ve never heard of it!


Rename the Guest Account in Windows 7 for Enhanced Security

Mozilla Thunderbird 3 Released

Learn to Decode Your Car’s VIN

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