There should be an image here!I think it’s numbers like these that prove that age is not the barrier we once thought it to be. Clearly there are more seniors than ever who have managed to make the jump onto Web these days.

What also was impressive about this was that we are seeing the usage for things that can really be of benefit to seniors. Email being a given, but maps and bill paying also made the list as well.

As for checking the weather online, I can vouch for this first hand as I have seen seniors doing this personally in my day to day. But what really shocked me, was seniors using the web to read the news. People such as my mom, a senior, still prefers the newspaper and radio. Even though she can rock bill payer and loves to email family, she is not among those seniors using the web for news. So that bit caught me by surprise. Man, I bet they are less than impressed with cesspools of “news” like Digg!