Before all of this social media craziness came about, people were used to working on projects by themselves, but ever since the social media boom, everything has to be collaborative. We’re told to think that while working on something by yourself is nice, working on it with one or more other people is even better. That isn’t always true, but online collaboration does have a lot of value. People are working together in new ways, and thanks to collaborative drawing, these ways can be very visual. FlockDraw is a tool that enables you to draw online with other people.

That may sound somewhat juvenile, but there are benefits that come from creating something visual in collaboration with other people. Sure, some people may use this tool just for fun, especially since the drawing tools are rather limiting, but we shouldn’t downplay the possibilities. Getting others involved is as easy as sharing the URL, and two nice features include being able to work in full screen mode and embed the whiteboard elsewhere online. Grab that mouse and start drawing.