There should be an image here!While the efforts of the GNU Project’s own founder were critical for the open source movement as we know it today, GNOME has clearly had enough of the GNU Project founder’s crap and his approach to handling software politics in venues where nothing need be said.

Those who embrace open source software tend to brace what works, using open source software whenever possible. On the flip side, it seems that there are aspects of the GNU Project that believe that it’s all or nothing. Hence, there should be no mention of non-free software within their own public forums such as Planet GNOME.

What makes this so interesting and frankly, makes the GNU Project look like it is run by nut-jobs, is the fact that Planet GNOME is merely an aggregation of content. Despite this, some people from the FSF would appear to support some kind of censorship to prevent talk of non-free software. To myself personally, my thinking is to run away from the GNU Project as fast as possible. Split GNOME off from it asap. Could be the easiest solution to a difficult situation.