Though I’m still wondering why it is MSI and not Asus that’s debuting the next generation chipset from AMD, it is great to see the units exist, which usually means they will be delivered on time.

The 890 main and 850 south chipsets are going to support all the latest cool peripherals, and the best of what is available.

The TechConnect site has the story, and a small picture of the MSI board.

Next year in Q2 AMD will debut the Leo desktop platform, Dragon’s successor, and two of the three main parts on which it will be based – the Thuban hexa-core processor, and the RD890 series chipset. Together with the SB850 southbridge, the RD890 will make up the AMD 890FX chipset, the thing powering the MSI motherboard seen below.

Boasting support for AM3 processors, the 890FX-GD70 seems to feature 5-phase DrMOS and includes four DDR3 memory slots, no less than six PCI-Express x16 slots for CrossFireX setups, six SATA 6.0 Gbps ports and another SATA connector (the blue one) which may or may not be as ‘fast’ as the others.

The upcoming board also has Power, Reset and OC buttons, Gigabit Ethernet, 7.1 channel audio, eSATA, FireWire and two USB 3.0 ports handled by a NEC controller. The price of the 890FX-GD70 is yet unknown but you can bet it will be on the high side. Thankfully, we have enough time to save up for one.

Though it’s early, it’s never too early to get the facts. I would like to know if the 890 chipset will run four RAM slots at full speed – this is something that was promised in the next platform. Though I’m sure that this is an ambitious board (MSI always seems to lead with the most wild) I wonder how many PCI slots the average 890/850 AMD motherboard will have. It will also be good to know how many PCI Express lanes there will be.

As the details trickle in we will have a better picture of how the new platform stacks up against the boards from Intel.

from FUDZilla

Comes in middle of 2010

AMD has told partners that its upcoming and already delayed AMD 890 chipset in both FX and GX variants will support Bulldozer and its first Zambezi core.

AMD 890 FX is scheduled to launch in May to June 2010, most likely in early June at Computex, and at first it will come in AM3 motherboards. At some point in 2011, AMD 890FX will find its place to AM3R2 motherboards, and it is not clear today should boards based on first AMD 890 chipset support the upcoming Bulldozers.

Bulldozer is the first cool CPU codename that AMD used after years of stellar names, and we still remember how cool the Hammer codename was.

The AMD faithful are anxious, and yet the real meaty details are just not there.


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