With all of the tasks people have to keep track of and accomplish in one day, it is very easy to lose track of things. With previous versions of Outlook, not all your tasks, appointments, and flagged messages are in a single view. You have to switch between views to keep track of these items.

One of the new features of Outlook 2007 is the ToDo Bar, which tracks all your items in a single column along the edge of the Outlook window, eliminating the need to switch between Outlook views. Furthermore, the ToDo Bar remains visible whether along the edge of Outlook, regardless of whether you are in the Calendar, Tasks, Mail, etc.

So how does the ToDo Bar to increase your efficiency? Well, all of your ToDo items are now in one location, which lets you more easily keep track of everything you need to accomplish. This means no more switching between windows and views. Furthermore, with the ToDo bar always visible on Outlook, it lessens the chance that something on your list will be missed.

Okay — so maybe it won’t increase your efficiency, but it will make life easier.

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