As many of you know, this past month I have written a few articles about sales on HDTV sets, including DLP, LCD and Plasma HDTVs. I have also shared the fact that I personally prefer plasma HDTV sets to either LCD or DLP. Recently I wrote an article about the differences between 720p and 1080p performance, which many of you agreed with, that the differences are minimal. [720p and 1080p article is here.]

As we all know, any review about any product or brand is usually the opinion of the author. But when I read a recent article over at CNET about the best HDTVs for 2009, I noticed an amazing fact. In their rating of the top 10 HDTVs, 9 of the positions were either Panasonic or Samsung brands.The numbers as reported by Cnet was 6 Samsung sets, 3 Panasonic sets and 1 Pioneer set. The number 1 position was taken by a set from Panasonic. These ratings didn’t come as a surprise, since I personally believe that both Samsung and Panasonic make great HDTVs, in either LCD or Plasma.

The CNET article stated:

Samsung and Panasonic have consistently exhibited the best picture quality among LCD and plasma models, respectively, the sole exception being that pesky Kuro again. I review plenty of other brands throughout the year; they just rarely outperform those two.

I concur with the CNET review. Both Panasonic and Samsung provide the best picture and bang for the buck of any HDTV sets available. I would highly recommend either a Panasonic or Samsung to anyone who is looking for an HDTV this holiday season.

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Source – top 10 HDTVs for 2009

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