In part one I covered the first half of the book Blogging For Fame and Fortune by Jason R. Rich. [See part one here].

During a six hour lay over in Atlanta I was able to finish the book and wanted to share what I read. The first half of the book covered the mechanics of setting up a blog. In the second half of book the author continues to provide the reader with more information on how to effectively blog and do so in a manner that will get your blog noticed.

The author states that to be effective a blogger needs to establish themselves as an expert in their particular field, if one wishes to blog for money. He also states that a blogger may wish to consider using a PR firm to get themselves noticed on the Internet. When I read this part the first thing I thought of was cost. How much will this cost in order to obtain fame and fortune? He also added that a blogger that wants fame and fortune should use a professional web design company to set up their blogging site. The author gives no monetary costs in using a PR firm nor a web designer.

Another option the author recommends is using Google ads, or other services, to advertise your web site on other web sites. The author gives a warning that until your blog becomes established and attracts a significant audiences, it may be difficult to make any serious money blogging. The fact is that out of the million upon millions of blog sites, a relatively small percentage actually make any money blogging. So before you invest your hard earned bucks as a potential blogger, be prepared for the possibility that you may fail.

In the final chapters the author interviews famous bloggers to pick their brains on how they became rich and famous from blogging. One of the interviews was with Perez Hilton who provided a very honest opinion on how he became popular. He admits that he had no intentions of becoming a blogger full time, until his blog took off. He actually admitted that it was by pure luck that his blog became popular, since no one else at the time was writing about Hollywood celebrities with the insight he had. Even with thousands of sites trying to emulate his success, Hilton Perez still remains extremely popular.

I recommend this book for anyone who is interested in blogging. The book provides an in depth look at blogging and what a would be blogger needs to know. The author provides guidelines to get you started as well as ways to increase traffic to your blog. Whether you want to blog for fun or for money, the book offers something for everyone. If you do decide to become a blogger I wish you success, fame and fortune.

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