There should be an image here!Microsoft .NET is here, but COM and COM+ will be a valuable part of every Microsoft Windows programmer’s toolbox for years.

COM Programming With Microsoft .NET is an in-depth programming guide that explains how and where COM and COM+ fit into the new .NET world, demonstrates the new technologies that are available in .NET, and shows how to interoperate between COM/COM+ and .NET. It explains how to use Microsoft Visual Studio .NET to write traditional COM objects, how to use COM objects in .NET code, and how to use .NET objects as COM objects. It also discusses COM+ topics such as disconnected applications and subscriptions.

The authors show you both theoretical and practical approaches — explaining how the mechanisms work and also providing practical advice with sample code to show how to handle interoperability.

Topics covered include:

The .NET view of COM and COM+

  • COM, COM+, and .NET
  • Using COM components in .NET code
  • Using .NET components in COM applications
  • Overview of COM+ coding for .NET

Writing COM code

  • Attributed programming
  • Active Template Library (ATL) and ATL Server

Writing COM+ code

  • A simple COM+ example
  • Working with disconnected applications
  • Creating subscriptions
  • Web application scenarios


  • Interacting with unmanaged code
  • Advanced interaction
  • Working with predefined interfaces

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