While it’s true that much of our computer activity is taking place online, that doesn’t mean that the Internet is all there is to computing. For example, in addition to applications that reside on your hard drive, you also probably have a tremendous amount of files. It’s good to have these files offline on your personal computer, but it makes sense to store some of them online for safekeeping and/or sharing, as well. This is where a service like Filebox comes into play.

There are numerous online file storage services out there, and if you’ve ever tried any of them before, then you’re going to have a real good idea about what to expect with Filebox. Just like with other services, you upload your files, organize them however you’d like, and then share them in the way that you want. The free account should be more than enough for most users, but the premium offering goes a lot further with unlimited downloads, unlimited download speed, unlimited storage, no file expiration date, and a program that enables you to get paid when your files are downloaded. I guess sometimes you really do have to spend money to make money.