In my post last week, AT&T Wants To Educate You, Let’s Educate It, I tried to get the point across that AT&T’s network is worthless and that it should not be threatening to charge its highest bandwidth customers. That same day, I read this post by Fake Steve Jobs. I read that and I was like “YES!” It was hilariously sarcastic and perfectly composed. In all honesty, it got me fired up. It read like how you would want your conversation to go, had you headed Apple and wanted to express your frustration to AT&T.

Fake Steve Jobs (Dan Lyons) has been around for a while and has had some good posts, but lately, he is right on the money. After that post, he ruffled AT&T’s feathers by instigating “Operation:Chokehold,” which was a call to attack AT&T’s network by way of flash traffic. AT&T then willingly responded and added fuel to the fire today while simultaneously pitching FSJ a huge softball that he absolutely obliterated out of the park with his next post.

While we watch all of this drama between AT&T and its customers like you and I unfold, the FSJ blog is becoming a not-to-be-missed blog read. The #attfail search on Twitter is buzzing as usual.┬áMaybe we should all fire up the new uStream Broadcaster while we read along. I mean, AT&T’s network should be able to handle it right?