Okay, I will say right out of the gate that the idea of 3D Blu-ray gives me a headache. I think we must realize that once the novelty wears off, this is going to bomb hard. We are not talking about grander definition in the picture or even crisper sound. This is a matter of every movie you watch coming out to you in 3D!

Why would anyone actually bother with this? Not even considering any added expense should you not own a PS3, which will be supported, there is also the question of remembering where the glasses are kept. Clearly this is about as harebrained of an idea as I have ever heard of.

This said, I guess one might also point out that people said the same thing about Betamax, recording TV onto tape, and even talking movies themselves for that matter. So it is conceivable that I may be totally wrong about this. Perhaps this is destined to be a huge hit?

Tell you what. Why don’t each of you hit the comments and let me know if you would be willing to drop money on either a PS3 or another supported Blu-ray player that would work with this 3D concept.

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