A young female student was banned from her college campus after some input on her Facebook page, found to not be all sweetness and light, concerning a former boyfriend.  While not that strange for some, the nature of the comment combined with her major might have been what sounded the alarm for the school. The story covered in slashdot today makes it clear that you really can be your own worst enemy sometimes.

Be careful just how you vent online is the lesson from this story pointed out by reader kungfugleek, from which he excerpts: “A University of Minnesota student has been banned from the Twin Cities campus after three of her instructors felt threatened by some of her Facebook postings. Amanda Tatro was patted down and questioned by campus police when she got to class Monday. The 29-year-old mortuary science student had posted comments on her Facebook page after breaking up with her boyfriend. She told her Facebook friends she wanted to stab a ‘certain someone in the throat’ with an embalming instrument. Tatro said she was ‘looking forward to Monday’s embalming therapy.’ When the instructors learned of the postings, they contacted police.” The Star-Tribune’s account offers more detail.

The Star-Tribune‘s account offers more detail.

I’m not sure if I chose the correct title for this, for it could as easily have been a sermon at almost any church, with the title “Be Sure, Your Sins Will Find You Out“.

Either way, it does mean that in today’s world, more caution is necessary than in previous days, because you are never sure who might read anything you post online, might wrongly take anything you say, and above all else, it is never possible to be completely sure you are truly alone.

Aldous Huxley and George Orwell gave birth to a very strange age, which came into being through the reading of their works.


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