So my wife’s best friend has moved to Guam with her husband who serves in the Navy as an officer. They were told by AT&T that their iPhones would be supported over there. Apparently, this is not entirely true. Likely due to the fact that outside networks have been disabled by choice, both individuals discovered upon arrival that they are out of luck… unless they want to go roaming for $2 a minute or so.

Clearly, the logical approach to this problem is to use Skype. I already set up my wife’s phone with it and they should be good to go. And considering that recently the news came out that AT&T is allowing Skype over its “blazing fast” 3G network, this is a fantastic option! Well, perhaps not perfect after all. With my wife running the latest iPhone updates, her phone, clear as day, shows Skype giving a message stating that it will not support a Skype connection over 3G. I guess the news of Skype working over 3G is a bit early then? Whatever…

I suppose the good news is that she will be able to maintain contact with her best friend of over 25 years (since childhood) thanks to the power of VoIP. Too bad we could not get a more definitive answer on the whole 3G thing!

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