While many might dismiss the content on YouTube as throwaway, it seems to make for something that others pay close attention to. More than that, those paying attention are sometimes over the age of 18.

A small blurb on slashdot tells of an amazing deal that came to someone from a small project uploaded to YouTube not long ago –

krou writes “A producer from Uruguay who made a short science fiction film and uploaded it to YouTube has landed a film deal with Sam Raimi’s Ghost House worth $300 million. The film, which shows spaceships and giant robots attacking Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, was made by Fede Alvarez for around $300. ‘I uploaded (Panic Attack!) on a Thursday and on Monday my inbox was totally full of e-mails from Hollywood studios,’ he said. Alvarez is to develop and direct a film based on one of his ideas, but there is no word yet on the writer.”

This is the stuff that starts legends. Imagine how amazing this will be if that movie does really well. YouTube could be the jumping off point for the next James Cameron.


OK, gather round. We’re going to hit them…hard! They’ll never expect all of us at once!

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