I can’t say that I’ve seen anything on YouTube that is anything more than mildly entertaining, but my daughter watches the vignettes of some young guy on there that puts out comedic stuff with great regularity so she might want to pay for a subscription.

It is certainly being discussed, which is odd, because lately, when I get pointed to something on YouTube, usually from Reddit, I have to watch an opening commercial, and there is ad space all around the YouTube screen. I would think that plenty of money would be flowing.

A story from TechConnect tells of some of Google’s ideas for shaping the new form of YouTube –

While YouTube’s immense popularity cannot be denied, its ability to generate good revenue for its owner and partners is debatable, at least with the current ad-based model. The bulk of content provided by YouTube is user-generated and while Google’s site wants to keep people creating and uploading clips, it also wants more professional videos like full length movies and TV shows so as to attract even more visitors. Unfortunately, most content makers won’t supply such things if they will just be paid with ad money so other solutions are being considered.

According to YouTube co-founder David Eun, one possibility is the introduction of a subscription model that will enable those paying a monthly fee to access movies and TV shows. A renting option is also looking into and this might actually be the most appealing to studios and networks. Whatever the option chosen, it’s likely that 2010 will see YouTube providing paid content. Don’t worry though, we’ll still be getting free videos of animals doing funny things.

I suppose if they find a way to take care of the problems with delivery, I might do it, but just as with Comcast, or anyone else wanting to persuade me to watch things on their internet delivery system, the delivery must be darn near perfect, no glitches, blips, or outages.

Some sort of adaptive buffering might help, but the buffering would have to be in place before the playback so that nothing is stopped during the viewing.

I wonder what those who are encumbered by Comcast accounts will think about this? Or anyone else who has a limited account…



Quote of the day:

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– Christopher Morley

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