The year 2009 took away some of the brand names we knew and loved. But before you get your handkerchief out, some of the losses were inevitable.

Let’s start with Circuit City. The company went through a belt tightening mode in 2007 laying off thousands of experienced and knowledgeable employees who were replaced with newbies. The new associates had little knowledge and it soon became apparent to consumers these people didn’t have a clue about electronics. Once the company shuttered their doors, Circuit City was revived as an online store from the same folks who brings us TigerDirect.

Saturn which had once been hailed by GM as a different type of car company never really did take off like the Detroit auto maker had hoped. GM tried to sell Saturn but the deal fell though. Good-by Saturn.

Pontiac was next to get the axe. Pontiac had been a part of the GM line up since 1926. Who can forget the GTO and Firebird. Sniff, sniff.

Kodachrome film is on the way out. Kodak states that less than 1% of their sales is for film, now that digital cameras have replaced the older cameras.

Expo Design Center, a part of Home Depot, has closed theirs doors as well. It seems the public isn’t that interested in decorating once the recession hit.

Max Factor is gone as well as the brand lost its popularity.

Microsoft dumped Encarta as this also lost its luster among consumers.

Gourmet magazine, along with Portfolio, Vibe and National Geographic Adventure are gone as well.

I am sure this is just a partial list of brands we loved and have lost.

Which brands will you miss?

Comments welcome.

Source CNN