Microsoft is already trying to squeeze the users away from XP in a vigorous manner, by being rather vociferous in as many places as it can, concerning the changes to Vista and 7 making them ostensibly better. Steve Ballmer has come close to calling anyone staying with XP a less than intelligent person, so when it is found that Office 2010 will not be supporting XP 64bit it is not that surprising. Or is it?

Actually, if we look at it logically, it seems as though the support for 32bit XP should be dropped first, but Microsoft knows what a stink that would cause. Because so few (comparatively) are using 64bit XP, it can drop support a little more quietly than if XP support was dropped altogether.

Once again, the push is being felt. Though Microsoft may be right about Office 2010 not working that well on XP, it might be better to let the customer disappointment carry the word of it.

As an aside, it is probably something like the Windows Defender problem with Windows 2000. The only thing that kept people from using it on Windows 2000, other than the rantings of Microsoft, was a version check  that kept the installation process from beginning. Once the version check was modified, Windows Defender installed on Windows 2000 and worked without a hitch. I would not be a bit surprised if some enterprising soul doesn’t come up with a similar fix for Office 2010 64bit on XP 64.

A blurb from Ars Technica details the news from Microsoft.


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