Operation Chokehold that was going to bring AT&T to their knees was a non event on Friday. Hailed by the Fake Steve Job as necessary to show the tel com giant that consumers were frustrated with their lack of service, failed to even take off. Which makes one wonder if the FCC’s stern warning gave the Fake Steve Job second thoughts. One does not want to screw with Homeland Security and be labeled a terrorist! 🙂

In a recent article there was this:

“We don’t know of any instances in which AT&T’s service was degraded or brought offline,” says John Rust, one of the “Three Musketeers” who managed Operation Chokehold’s official website. “Yet at the same time, we consider the operation to be successful: we proved to AT&T that we believe that ‘unlimited’ should be ‘unlimited,’ and that it’s not their job to redefine it.”

The FCC is also trying to learn why consumers are being charged a $1.99 fee by Verizon when users accidentally access a feature on their phones. It seems that consumers are being bilked by the company when a user lands on a Verizon start page and navigates away to another cite. Verizon hasn’t fully explained what the fee is for and only stated that:

Regarding the unintended mobile Web charges, Verizon said that a minimum usage fee of $1.99 applies only “when a customer launches the Internet browser and then navigates away from the default mobile Web homepage to sites other than a Verizon Wireless customer care site. Usage fees are not charged when a customer simply launches the Internet browser and lands on the Verizon Wireless mobile Web homepage, which is the default setting.”

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