Ever since Geometry Wars came out for the Xbox360, I have been a sucker for simple, slick neon shape based games. Enter geoSpark for the iPhone: This game is a devlopment collaboration of the teams that brought you the successful geoDefense series and HarborMaster, both for the iPhone.

geoSpark promises addictive gameplay and it very much delivers. This game is an awesome spin on the keep away concept. The object of the game is to keep different shapes away from each other and matching up alike shapes for major combo points. You can tap and hold a specific shape and continue to drag across the screen gathering identical shapes. The more you do this, the more your collected bundle of energy attracts different angry shapes, but also the higher your score becomes. If any opposite shapes touch each other, game over.

While you are charging up your finger, other things like screen clearing powerups and multipliers add to the fun. If you love games where outdoing high scores, whether they belong to you or your friends, this game is for you. The music and sound effects are just what you would want out a game like this.

This game also contains Open Feint integration which is a social framework that contains many cool features. While many game sport Open Feint, certain games have certain integrations. For instance, geoSpark currently has Leaderboards, Friends, and Chat. It currently is missing Open Feint achievements. According to the geoDefense Twitter feed, Achievements are coming in a future update and they are taking suggestions from the community. As it stands, Open Feint is the closest thing to Xbox Live on the iPhone. I own 10 iPhone games that contain Open Feint integration. It definitely adds value to them.

If you are looking for a highly addictive iPhone game that requires some serious brain and tapping skill, geoSpark is for you. I have to say, it is the best $.99 cents I have spent all year, for iPhone, or otherwise. During the time of my post about goto iPhone games, I had not yet played geoSpark. Now having played it, it has quickly become my new goto iPhone game.

Great graphics and sound. Great value. Great use of the technology. Fun concept. Easy to pick up, hard to put down.

Have you played geoSpark?

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