This has no tie-in to Twilight, or the Vampire Diaries. No commercial tie to True Blood. It is simply a tale of something that will not go away…there appears to be no equivalent of the stake to the heart.

Reported in several places, so either true or the result of mass hysteria, Apple clone maker Psystar will not die. The blurb I include here comes from slashdot

Despite several sources reporting that post-indefinite-injunction Psystar was closing their doors for good, the company’s lawyer is claiming Psystar plans on going forward with PC sales — they just won’t be pre-loaded with Apple’s OS X. Psystar plans on selling systems pre-loaded with “other operating systems,” including Windows, as well as selling their “Rebel EFI software” that allows consumers to load OS X on generic PCs.

These people simply don’t learn. Being smacked down hard just brings them back with more vigor. I ask again, who is the dolt bankrolling this effort?

Do they think they will have a user base? They sold less than 1000 PCs when they were pre-loaded with OS X. Without it, it simply becomes another bad do-it-yourself project, since the reports of using Rebel EFI was mixed at best.


I don’t want to know what the law is, I want to know who the judge is.

Roy M. Cohn

Perhaps Psystar should check this first!

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