As of last Thursday, December 17th, 2009, plans were finalized for a standard for Blu-ray players to play 3D movies. This step forward means that 3D movies for the home will become a reality and it will be in 1080p for superior resolution. But one problem that hasn’t been dealt with is the need for 3D glasses. One will still need the glasses to view a 3D movie.

What I am struggling with is that I personally don’t see a need for 3D. I watched 3D movies in my youth and personally didn’t care for the way the movies appeared. Though the glasses didn’t bother me, removing them meant the 3D effect was lost and the picture was not viewable.

A recent article at the Chicago Tribune states:

Current Blu-ray players aren’t able to handle the new 3D format, but some analysts expect that adapters could be made available for them.

Which brings up the question of cost. How much will the adapters cost those who currently own Blu-ray players? How much will adding 3D to the next generation of Blu-ray players cost us consumers?

Another question I have: Is this just a gimmick to jump start Blu-ray player sales?

I am still satisfied with the way DVDs play on my HDTV. The picture, I believe, is fantastic as it currently is. What will Blu-ray offer me that I don’t already have? As I mentioned in a previous article, the difference between 720p, which I own, and 1080p is negligible unless one owns a large screen HDTV.

What do you think?

Comments welcome.

Source – Chicago Tribune